Inspiration from Cosmo

Someone’s telling me how to dress again

They say my boyfriend doesn’t like the way I do my hair

Or the clothes I wear

And that my skin isn’t quite right

Too oily, too dry

That I have to buy something new

To make me look like you?

They’re teaching me how to get my best angle

To make my bum look bigger

And my waist smaller

And they’re telling me I’m not good enough

And that I need to change

So that the person who I thought already loved me

Can love me again

New Porn

Ice cream girls

On scrollers

Sliding down the screen

In little to nothing

This is the new porn

They warned us about

After paper things

Paper bodies

Glossy pages

And retro settings

Petrol stained girls against bikes

And bunnies

For some reason

Are made sexy?

And it’s all there

On your screen

No sneaking around

Or deleted history

This is yours now

This new porn

Some **** from Preston

It is blistering my ears

high-pitched pig squeals

and then moth bitten hands

clasp beer and belly

and bumble like bees


and tarred, or barred?

down on her knees

giggle or grunt

at forgotten women

or not so much


but beginning to forget

with each sip and peck

at pint and pie

like pigeon and fly

she is distant

and disgraced

so he can

have a good night.