Free wifi

Wild winters

Back at home

Freeze in time, almost

Except maybe 10 minutes

Passing library or cafe

When our worlds mingle

And blur

And my words spit at yours

And yours whisper back


You tell me you’re sleeping

When I’m awake

You’re dreaming

No I am dreaming.

It’s been a while

Its been a while

but life catches

takes you by surprise

and bites at your tail

It’s been a while

I’m sorry

But when him and her

and she and he take time

to organise

then life is left to linger

longingly online

It’s been a while

But here

Where I take time seriously

when it stops at the red light

(unlike some)

I can pause

and ponder

and forget outside these lines

black thick hairs

at the corners of my screen

sprout out

and ingrown

in my mind


…and yours too


Next Year

Months we spent savouring the subtle zest of sweat,

And the taste of patience sleeping in the gap between our lips.


Days we dedicated to burning each other’s limbs like kindling,

In fiery argument and fiery regret.


Hours we devoted to mapping each other’s faces,

Sketching past, present and future on cheek and chin.


Seconds we wasted blinking.