Counting sheep

She looked at me weirdly today

And then not at all

And then my mind took me on another adventure

Where her hands were a harness around my neck

To keep my head upright, and my throat closed

Where her hands cut lengths of my hair off in my sleep

And began to weave a blanket to smother me with

Where her hands made fire and burnt my skin so it crackled

To show that I am lesser and I am not so fierce



And it took a while for me to escape my miserable dream

And find peace again in my sub-conscience

But also to rid the memory that her hands will return

To torment me again


It was a game

A way to pass time

Between her and her

When life dried up

And they’d run out of jokes

So they turned to me

Maybe, because I was closest?

They spit

And flicked dirt at my face

They dropped rocks

From their high heights

That hit me hard

Didn’t bruise

But instead formed scars


Across my body

Made me nothing

When I used to be everything

Or at least

A piece of their everything