‘Get Carter’ at Northern Stage, Newcastle – a review

The other night, as part of one of my modules, I went to see the play adaptation of ‘Get Carter’ based on the book by Ted Lewis, Jack’s Return Home.  I decided not to write an essay on the performance but still wanted to write something to remember it by. So here it is.

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The Naked Truth – a review

As an Atheist the Christian Union at my university never appealed to me as something to look into. So, when a friend, who is a part of said society, invited me and a couple of friends (all of whom were not Christian) to a Union organised event at a local church, I was surprised. I must admit the promise of free food and wine swayed me slightly but the talk itself sounded interesting so I decided to head along to their Wednesday event. As part of ‘The Naked Truth’ week the evening I chose was dedicated to ‘Suffering vs Hope’ where the question being discussed was ‘Is hope possible beyond life’s disappointment?’.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring

In the novel ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ we are exposed to various aspects of love, all carried through by the metaphor created part-way through the novel. Griet’s moment of realization as objects not always being just one colour, but instead composed of many layers and shades becomes an extended metaphor throughout the novel to show that perception does not necessarily mean truth. Here Chevalier may be suggesting that, to really ‘see everything’, you must remove all prejudice and really engage with what you are viewing in an open minded way. People view the world in a way that is most easy to them, and how they want to see it. This is not always appropriate, when looking closer at something, in this case clouds, we have to ignore our natural instincts to view it selfishly and instead open up to the idea that there may be more than the obvious. From this we can really begin to appreciate the beauty of an object,person, situation or whatever we may be viewing.

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