Breathing again

It’s a word

That knocks the breath out of me

My stomach twitches

Pulls in and wallows

At the thought of it

I feel my bones tense

They’re less bold now


And hearing again

Of another, taken

If it’s cold

I see the air droplets

Simmering in the rays

Of an ignorant sun

Lifting the haze

Around my mouth

And creating a dragon’s breath

It looks more fierce than I feel

But I guess thats just it

Isn’t it?

If it’s hot

It hurts more to hear

I need that breath more

So am emptied

And exhausted

Each time my lungs clutch

And cling hard

At the very thought

Take their time to empty

And longer to refill

And it’s a petty plea, I know

Quite desperate really

To feel a little less

Like that same body

But when you say that word

And I am made to hear

That rounding rrr

Forced in my ear

I breathe deeper

To empty myself of it

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