It’s about a boy (pt.4)

When he came over that time just to see me and not the others, who I think were at the cinema, I thought I had succeeded. So as my head began to fill as it always does when I see him, he told me he wasn’t sure how to feel. And when my head was 1/6 full I told him I wasn’t the best person to ask because I was lost and I wasn’t going to find myself here. And at 1/5 he told me that that didn’t matter and he wanted me to choose. Selfish. A quarter up I said I was elsewhere and to come back another time. 1/3 and he touched my hand to remind me that I was lying. Half way full I said I needed to lie down and so he lifted my eyes with his and he held my lungs in each hand as we walked to the floor together. And when my head was close to full he said I was everything he had never wanted. That’s why it hurt so much when he left, because my head was so full so I couldn’t tell him he was nothing I had ever needed and that’s why we were meant to be lying on that floor together. Because we made sense of each other’s confusion.


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