The Modern Consumer

It scares, but also excites, me how quickly things are changing in today’s society. The technological landscape we live upon has an ability to manipulate and create nuance in things we may have previously thought stable. For instance, fashion. What was previously a straightforward industry is now a complex culture that thrives off the changes instigated by modernity. Designers are pressured to create new and exciting products to fuel the desires of its growing audience. People don’t just want the product, they want to know how it was made, who made it, and who’s wearing it.

Our ability to scroll effortlessly through reels of Instagram photos, tweets and snapchat stories has opened up a new need for quick and easy reading. People want new things, now. However, people also want beautiful photos with beautiful words next to them. Altogether this has made what was already a difficult job for writers even harder.

There is now a race for publications and companies to provide the most interesting content, the quickest. Another example pertinent to this discussion is one that has stormed social media recently. Health obsessions. A newfound need to advertise the new diet fad has emerged, and has quickly taken over every Facebook homepage and twitter feed.

It’s strange because there is an evident hypocrisy in contemporary literature. Today is all about making tomorrow better. But, it is also about living in the now. ‘How-to’ guides on how to be healthier, prettier, smarter, richer are mixed among quotations teaching us to live for the day. Everyone is saying everything, and strangely it seems to work well. Nothing is restricted and freedom is paramount.

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